Monday, March 26, 2012


Today I am feeling insecure and tired.  I have no reason for either of these feelings, but they are there.
Today I am feeling unsettled.  The house is back up on the market, this always makes me feel unsure. 

Today I wish I had a better job. 

Today I will go home and knit on my friend GJ's scarf and eventually I will fix Mal on the Firefly piece and be done with it to be honest, I just miss knitting.   

Today I will be optimistic that things will get better, I will get a better job and it will be one I will love.  I will not always feel insecure & unsettled.  I will optimistic that good things will come my way, because I am worthy of them despite my past mistakes and regrets. 

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adam said...

Hummmmmmm.........I could have sworn someone we both know and love that you are sweet,funny caring,witty talented and oh so cleaver
I have no doubt that you will find inner peace and love