Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gone Fishing

Not even joking, I actually went fishing. 

The fisherman invited me to his house to fish, much to my surprise and his, I said yes. 

The day started, we hung out on the hammock, went grocery shopping, I made him much anticipated meatballs and sauce, which he devoured the following week, which pleased my inner nonna.  He got burger supplies and made me his famous burgers for dinner.  You cannot beat a good burger and beer in the summer.  The best part, was dessert, he made key lime pie, from scratch, because it's my favorite. OMG! SO GOOD.  I wish I had taken him up on his offer to take some home.  I will not make that mistake again. 

Back to the fishing.  We got the boat loaded on the truch, we drove to the lake and I fly-fished for the very first time and I only hit myself in the arm with the fly once and him in his foot once.  YAY!

No knitting, but a wonderful day with a wonderful fisherman. 

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