Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I really have been knitting

I just have nothing to show for it.

I currently have on the needles the following items:

1. Ginger, a tank top I started for the Ravellenic Games.  I have the front and half the back complete
2. Franks Sweater.  Ya, still working on that.
3. Squish for the Fisherman.  I anticipate a lot of knitting on that in September when the weather starts to cool down more. I knit on this at knitting on Saturdays.
4. Gj's Christmas Scarf.  He requested one almost 2 years ago and I just found a good yarn to knit it up in.  100% baby alpaca as Mr. G is allergic to wool.  I actually got the yarn during the yarn crawl in March, I am about 50% done with this.  It's what I knit on when I don't have have the attention span for a pattern and what I usually knit on at the Saturday knitting group.

In other news, I watched my little monkey butt a few days last week. The little stinker tried to eat my big toe.  Three times.  He's a cheeky little monkey that kid. 

At work sock knitting:

I am at the heel decrease on another pair of tall socks with the after thought leg. Once I get this pointy heel situation under control, this will be my favorite way to knit a tall sock. 

I still love my heel gussets don't get me wrong, but I like those on top down socks.  It's less confusing for me that way. 

One day, I will put up pictures of knitted things, I promise. 

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