Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kemie, my love

Kermie 1996-2012
My Kermie has been my greatest companion, The Doctor to my Rose Tyler, my ride, my hooptie, my love.  He is the longest relatioship I've had.  We have been through a lot my Kermie and me, marriage, divorce, countless moves. 

Now, he's tired and wants to rest.  He's had a tough life, I wasn’t always a good owner, going a little too long between oil changes, or not fixing something right away because funds were tight, he took very good care of me and I took care of him as best I could.  He was always there for me, getting me home, always keeping me safe.
He was and is a very loved little honda. My little Kermie Kerm will be reduced to scrap metal and spare parts.  I know he’s just a car, but I’m truly goning miss him.

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adam said...

Me and the 66 AKA"Domino" will have a moment of silence