Friday, September 28, 2012


It's Fall! My second favorite time of year, the beginning of snuggle weather.
It's getting darker earlier, chilly mornings and even chillier nights.  Cold cider and warm donuts. Fires in the firepit or fireplace. Warm wooly sweaters.  It's wonderful, the fall. 

Lots of knitting to be done, the squish, the scarf and a mystery baby project to be determined, probably an owly vest and some tall socks for me (one down, one to go!)


jomomma said...

I love Fall too, but ours are so short and sporadic here, chilly a couple of days and then back up in the 90's for a couple of weeks. Then when everyone else is enjoying the turning leaves we'll be a massive ice storm and be thrown headfirst into winter. I was looking lovingly at our fireplace just the other day.

adam said...

I had a family reunion today,the southern ones,I got fed and hugged and loved and no one said anything that made me cringe....I LOVES me people!!!!