Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Annie Oakley I am not.

I went to the gun range on Sunday.  It was totally my idea too.  I shot a nice little 9mm and 1 round off a large shot gun type weapon.  I am embarrassed to say that when the shotgun went off, I screamed like, well, a girl. 
Look how well I did shooting though! (sorry the photos are blurry and not not of knitting)
see that hole in the middle, all me!

i aim to the left, no idea why.  small cluster up top, not me.


Still working on the cowl, my mother has shown interest in it, so I will gift it to her, and I just finished the ribbing on the Knotty hat. :)


jomomma said...

Good job on the kill shot! Next time try aiming with the opposite eye than you were using this time. We do lots of shooting sports here in Texas.

adam said...

That wasn't a girly scream it was a warriors battle cry.....And trust me ANY hit can can be a kill shot