Friday, December 14, 2012

A Hat & Some Shooting

Ruger & Revolver
M&P 15 22 Riffle

Wednesday we went to a target training class, we shot a riffle, a rugger & a revolver. Now, usually, I'm a Smith and Wesson 9mm girl (that's really all I know about the gun) It's my go to gun when we go to the range, but I gotta tell ya, I LOVED the Ruger, so light, no kick back, it was sweet. However, I was not a fan of the Revoler. I didn't mind shooting, not to heavy, wasn't difficult to shoot, it's just not something I would chose to shoot if given a choice.

The Riffle, that sweet little M&P 15 riffle. I enjoyed that most of all, probably because I was actually able to line up the sights and wasn't just aiming and hoping I hit the target. So, in normal every day life, I am a righty, expect where riffles are concerned, then I am a lefty. That was a little bizare for me, it went against my nature, but I did get a nice grouping shooting lefty with the riffle. :)

And that about covers the gun portion of the this blog.

sleepy pamda

Made a hat for the boy, it fits and he wears it so I am pleased.  It took me about a week to complete, knitting on it, here and there while watching t.v.  I got it finished just in time for it to turn really cold.  (there's a rumor that there might be snow)

Going to make a smaller version for my handsome little nephew with the left over malabrigo.  Ya, the 1 yr old's getting the good stuff, what can I say, he's cute and I love him.

I must admit, I miss Doug when it snows, I have no idea why, he's not a snow person, we never really went out and played in the snow or anything, I just miss him, and holing our cozy little home.  

My ex hubby, did the greatest thing for me when we were first married, it was the first real snow fall of the winter, he woke me up and told me it snowed and to get dressed, which I did and we walked to the park up the street and swung on the swings.  So simple and so sweet, my 3 favorite things. 

Anywho, I'm going on and on.


jomomma said...

So I'm guessing that the revolver resulted in the head shots, the ruger the heart shots. Not bad shooting little Missy! You know you can have a rear sight added to your pistol. Or just use a tiny dot of white paint.

adam said...

Oh I soooooooo need to let you run amok in my "Closet of many things than go bang and boom"

And yes the Mighty Mighty Jackson will look styling in his Aunt Pammy home knits