Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You...

About the time my stove tried to kill me?
I had just moved into my apartment, right after my divorce. I had made a frozen pizza, popped open a beer and sat down on the floor to watch t.v. (i had a couch, it was hidden by boxes)
So there I am munching on pizza, drinking my beer, watching some bad television show on the CW when my, what I think is my smoke detector goes off. Panicked, I called my ex boyfriend, who btw thought I was drunk, I hadn't even drank 1/2 my beer, and please, 1/2 beer won't make me drunk, I'm not that much of a cheap date! My neighbor Frankie heard the noise came over to check on me. Come to find out it was the carbon monoxcide detector. So I called the fire department, Tossed the kitties in the bathroom with the window open, opened all the windows. The Fire Dept. came by, unhooked the stove and advised that I leave the windows open for a little while longer, esp. in the bedroom where the carbon reading was the worst. So that is my story of how my stove tried to kill me.

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