Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why is it...

Good girls (ie: me) always fall for or get crushes on bad boys or as my ex-hubby says, a guy who knows his way around a car engine and with the exception of the ex hubster & db, every boy i've dated? You could also look at it as a why do bad boys fall for good girls...but i'll stick with my way of thinking for this one thankyouverymuch.

Poll: A friend is i go with a log cabon baby blanket or baby yoda sweater? So far I have a vote for each. I am kinda leaning with the sweater because, well, I already bought the yarn (on sale thank you for asking!)

Also, I am going to Frog my "Lost" sock because i fear i didn't cast on enough stitches. Luckily, however, I haven't gotten very far on it. =)

That's all I got.


spud's bud said...

Yoda sweater!!!

Lisa said...

I must vote for the blanket. But I feel I must make a case for it as well. I cast my vote for the blanket because I don't have to worry about size (what if the baby comes out & it's a GIANT baby!) and I think it would take a lot longer for a baby to out grow a blanket as opposed to a sweater. I like both options, though!