Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Day of the Lost!

It's Wednesday! YAY!!!

Ok, am kinda getting pissy at Blogger, as it won't let me play around with the blog colors and such. No fair! Oh well, nothing I can do about it...

1 pair of Christmas socks down, 3 more to go!! Woo Hoo!!!
I can't wait to start on the other FiL sweater sleeve, I am actually excited about gifting the much loved FiL sweater to my Toddlet, as I'm sure it will be appreciated and loved. Must remember to buy a bottle of SOAK for his stocking so that no harm comes to the sweater.

So, have started a pair of Jaywalkers for myself using some lovely regia yarn gifted to me by blogless Liz. Regia is so nice to work with and so far am loving the pattern. Have decided that once done with the Jaywalkers, I am going to give the Noro another chance, hopefully it will not be in vain.

I have been given a task for my super awesome big brother. Toddlet is the only one in the family without a handknit Christmas stocking. Chickie (mom) asked me if I could re-do the top half of dad's Christmas stocking and replace the "Bob" with "Todd", thing is, i have no idea what kind of yarn or needle size was used for this project and the stocking is 32 years old, so I doubt I could match the yarn anyway. What do I do? Was thinking about just unraveling it, from the top of the green up knit and then embroider the name on rather than knit it in. We shall see.

I am loving Pandora. Have been enjoying 80's hair bands in the folder I renamed Hampton Beach Casino Ball Room, I think you need to be from the area to appreciate the humor in that. Right now Tesla - Love Song is playing. YAY!!!

How are all y'all doing?

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Anonymous said...

Last time I tried to play with my blog colors I think I almost blinded Yarnchick.
I'm planning on having a nervous breakdown this week end so I might break out my Lost season and start over