Saturday, March 14, 2009


None of my real-life friends knit, know how to knit or have any desire to knit, because of that I am isolated (isolated seems a little strong, but for lack of a better word, I'll use it.), isolated because I have no one to talk to about the projects I'm working on, problems I'm having, to encourage me to try some new technique or even to say yay for me after I complete a project, small things. So, I started a blog, just to have somewhere to go and talk about my knitting. And I thru this little blog I met you, my blog-land friends (all 3 of ya :p) You encourage me and make me feel less like the new animal at the zoo I just wanted to say thank you.


Lost Lishy said...

Yep, even when they don't post or comment very often, your blog-friends are around and stalking your posts :)

Keep up the happy knitting!

spud's bud said...

ahhhh shucks lol

I keep forgetting how lucky I am to have The Chick and Lishy to help me out in person

Veri word is sylly........kinda fitting huh