Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Shirtless Sawyer Day!

shirtless sawyer....yummy.
anywho, drooling aside. have decided to teach myself how to knit a sock toe up, so wish me luck.
other than that, life has been good, sweetie has been good, kitties have been kookey, the xbox however did get the red ring of death. we are still in mourning.


spud's bud said...

Damn Hon warn me before you do that lol
Let me guess half his charm is his soft southern accent???
Ren wants me to learn to knit socks.But after hearing You and Lishy's horror stories about sock knitting I think she might have to settle for store bought for a bit longer
My veri ward was "stoxes" hummmmmm

Sleeping Si said...

socks aren't that bad if knit from cuff down. i have faith in ya!!