Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday.
Today is my ex-hubby's birthday.
Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite men.

It's Saturday!! Errand day, but whilst running my errands, I may or may not pop into Seed Stitch where they have Koigu and I may or may not come home with skein of said yarn...

I have bundles of new babies incubating to knit for..well, 2...but still, that's alot of baby knits.

For baby 1, due at the end of Aug. will be getting a kimono sweater in a loverly grassy green.
Baby 2, due at the end of Nov. will be getting a pair of baby mittens and a matching baby devil hat and booties.

Still thinking about this stitch marker deal. If I go forward with it, I will probably start making them in the fall, and kinda take it from there.

is it naptime yet?

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