Monday, April 6, 2009


S'up peeps?!

My weekend :p

I have chocolate kisses for work, as last week sucked and we really needed chocolate and didn't have any..THE HORROR!!! When your boss leaves on Friday and tells everyone, if you get another job offer, don't turn it down, and he's not kidding, it ain't pretty. When I left this horrifyingly bad day, it was POURING! so, date night with my sweetie got rescheduled to Sunday. All was not lost, we got greasy take out and watched bad tv.

Saturday, we had at home movie night. I got snacks, and after dinner (and the last half of VH1's one hit wonders of the 80's) we watched the Fast and the Furious, sweetie had never seen it before! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Sunday we went to the Willows, fed the birds (one bird in particular, loved my sweetie, so, i named him steve) I kicked his ass at air hockey, he beat me at pinball, we had goofy fun, then went to lunch, came home and relaxed. All and all a nice weekend.

On the knitting front, my toe ups look fabulous! am almost at the heel part... woo hoo!!

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