Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Auntie & Julia

I spent most of the night thinking about what I would write about my Aunt Louise on her birthday, I would tell you about the mink stole she had, that I use to play dress up with, about how i would play drums on her pots and pans, how I would preform The Sun Will Come Out from Annie to her eager audience over and over again and how she was my best friend.

Every Saturday night we would watch Wild Kingdom, Julia Child & whatever classic movie played after on Channel 2. I wasn't a big fan of Wild Kingdom, but Julia Child, I loved watching her, everything she cooked, my Auntie and I would say you can send me some of that or something to that effect. I credit my Auntie and Julia Child with my love of cooking. My Aunt loved to cook when she was younger and from what I hear she was a fantastic cook.

I remember when Julia Child passed, it was like losing my Auntie all over again, silly, I know, but I had so many memories with my Aunt watching Julia Child, happy memories, Auntie, Julia & myself.

My mother & I recently watched an episode of Julia & Jacques, at the end of the show she signed off, her trademark, and I cried, missing my her.

Bon Appetite.

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