Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gypsy Woman...

My favorite song by Marty.

Today however is a Morphine day, it's hot & sticky, blinking makes you sweat, but the slow sax and Mark's deep voice makes it all better.

That being said, Hell's Kitchen tonight baby!! WOO HOO! I haven't made any progress on either my sleeve or Knotty Gloves, but I am hoping to rectify that tonight and tomorrow.

My buddy Spud, sent me some homemade yummy strawberry jam... makes the best breakfast in the world (toast (or a bagel) with cream cheese and a little jam) even yummier!
Thanks Spud, you do spoil me so! :)

I am being abanded on Friday night...Sweetie is going out with some boys from work for a little going away shin dig as Sweetie is transfering to a different store. I am ok with it, got some frozen Indian take out & Naan bread (thank you Trader Joe's) gonna rent a couple of chick flicks and kick back and knit.

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