Saturday, November 27, 2010

35 Days

2010 was just a shit storm of bad luck, bad choices and bad times. I'm trying to move past all of that and am hopeful that even though 2010 started off bad, that it will end on a positive note which will overflow into 2011. Like allot of people these days, I could really use a win and since my angels gone to Vegas, it's up to me to make it happen.
If I let go of the past and focus on the future, maybe my future will be brighter. If I open myself up to new opportunity, to new people, to new things and new adventures maybe I'll have less regrets. If I open my heart maybe I'll find love.
I have 6 out of my 1000 hearts knit up, soon it will be 7. i'm not stuffing them so they just lay flat. I was toying with the idea of stringing them together when alls said and done.


LinWots said...

Christmas and new year is coming. I believe that it is a miracle time, that little miracles really happen. And I like Christmas decorations sold in the shops and decorations in the streets, again shops and people windows. Especially if snow falls. It all creates a special holiday mood and while in this mood you forget about everything bad in your life and it is easier to think positive. So, maybe, if you are a lover of Christmas and New year, it would be good for you to concentrate on this coming events and try to catch that holiday spirit!

me said...

I am a lover of Christmas, the twinkle lights and especially of the snow!!!
thank you for reminding me that there are miracles out there.