Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tea for Two

and two for tea. Sorry, am done now. This post was inspired by the Yarn Harlots post on Tea Time.

I love drinking tea, especially in the winter when my feet are chilled or it's grey and rainy out. I am very specific about my tea, and get made fun of often for my particulars.

1. tea water has to be boiled, in a kettle, preferably on a stove, although i have used an electric kettle and a microwave when i was really desperate.

2. i like my black tea (ie Lipton, Salada etc) with a drop of milk (cream is unacceptable in tea) and a sweet & low. I drink tea like a Brit, or so one told me. Lady Earl Grey is my absolute favorite tea, and that just gets a sweet & low.

3. when home, I drink my tea from my winnie the pooh mug and if I'm really lucky, there are cookies in the house, Mary Martins winter gingersnaps... SO GOOD!

and that is how I do tea, what about you?


LinWots said...

I drink black tea only with milk. 1/4 of a cup must be milk!
Or I like earl gray which is with bergamoth, but without milk.

And green tea I do not like at all :)

me said...

oh my, that's alot of milk in a little cuppa.
what is bergamoth anyway? sounds like it should be voldermorts younger brother or something..hee hee.

i am with you on the green tea front though. also, ice tea, black, unsweetened and strong.

hope you are having a nice day!

LinWots said...

I wanted to say bergamot :)