Friday, December 3, 2010

200th Post

Wow! Who knew I could be so chatty?

I am listening to Van Morrison's Into the Mystic. I love this song. Makes me think about being in love. So beautiful.

I had a thought when I logged onto Blogger about 5 minutes ago. Now... *poof*'s gone, lost forever, no trail of breadcrumbs to follow home.

There's a rumor that it may snow tonight. How wonderful would that be? To wake up to a beautiful coating of lacey snow? Ever notice how quiet it is when it snows?

Methinks, I am going to stop off at Lowes tonight and pick up some twinkle lights for my room. Because, as we all know twinkle lights make everything more magical.

and now for something completely different... LOVE the white man overbite thats going on.

1 comment:

LinWots said...

Totally agree! "Twinkle lights make everything more magical." I love winkle lights in my house in winter.