Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rule Number # 32: Enjoy the little things.

Snow! I genuinly love snow and eventhough the snow displeases everyone around me, it pleases me.
(And to answer your next question, no, I do not ski. I have a hard enough time walking without banging into things, do ya'll really think that strapping skis to my feet and having me go down a hill really fast is something I should do? ya, I didn't think so either) and what goes better with snow than hot cocoa? (note the happy snowman cutout on my desk. his name is burl)

New necklace.

"Not all who wander are lost". My new mantra. I often feel lost. Wandering around in my own life, without purpose or direction. So although I wander about, in truth, I am neither lost nor without direction for to wander is my direction.

New yarn

Madelinetosh sock yarn in Colbalt. Ya, I know it kinda looks green, but trust me in person, the prettiest blue...like Paul Newman would be jealous of this blue, ya dig?


kathy b said...

My friend, a veterinarian, loves that quote and puts it at the end of all her emails. I tease her that not all who are lost wander....
love your blog. came from the Ravelry thread on listing your blogs....

me said...

ha! that's funny. (if you haven't seen zombieland yet, rent it, totally worth the price of admission!!!)

thanks!! i stalked your blog too, i can't believe the wolves are a painting! OMG! SO GOOD.