Thursday, January 28, 2010

Purple Rain

Martin does a cover of Purple Rain, that makes me all teary eyed.

Knit a little on the heel of my pretty in pink (and purple) sock. Sadly I got too sucked into Saw VI and was unable to continue knitting for fear of breaking my tooth pick like sticks.

Saturday I have a hair appointment, I got gray's, they're multiplying! Get it, from Grease... WORK WITH ME PEOPLE! anywho, am going to get the yarn for my fisherman's hat and hopefully start that at some point.

Sunday, I have a date with the fisherman, he is traveling my way to fetch me and take me out, show me a good strange being woo'd like this, definatly something I am not use to as the last person to treat me like this was my ex hubby, go figure. That's actually a lie, the boy was very attentive, again something I'm not use to, still don't know why I'm running from him, I guess Lance Armstrong was right.

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