Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swap Prezzies and Lost and Found

I signed up for the My Favorite Things swap on Ravelry. I got my bundle (am trying to bring that word back) from McKate (ravelry ID, as far as I can tell she doesn't have a blog) in the mail over the weekend. Inside were fabulous goodies and treats!
(apologies for the craptastic photo...)
we gots some sock yarn that is destined to be fruit loops (my favorite cereal!!) another yarn that reminds me of the ocean...may make a cowl neck thing-y (yes that is the technical term) or fingerless gloves...or i may just keep it and pet it as it is soft & beautiful to look at and sock elastic, which i never knew existed but have a feeling i will not be able to live without.
treats: kettle corn, which was soooo good, i need to buy more!!) sour patch kids & swedish fishies, hand made soap and candles, the soap is lavender citrus and smells heavenly.
Thank you McKate for your generosity and for making my 1st swap a memorable one.
I have found my knitting mojo and I didn't even know it was lost!!
I started Sizzle Sunday night. I am so excited about this, it was on my lust to knit list for at least a year.
Now only I could buy just the pattern for shopping tunic in Twinkle: Big City knits but sadly you cannot buy the patterns separately. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and buy it as I'm sure I'll find other things in there to knit.

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