Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's Thursday! Knit night and one day closer to Friday and the weekend and we all know what the weekend means...more knitting!! Hmmm, maybe I'll take a run to the video store, or maybe the Dollar Movie rental box at the grocery store...what to rent, what to rent....

I am warm, which if you know me is highly unusual and I am super sleepy. Such is life in big the city.

I have a chunk of thuja done, will work on it a little more tonight when I get bored with my Sexy Summer Sizzle. (no fault of the pattern, I just have knitting A.D.D.) I'll work on my house socks when I get home before sweetie gets home from work.

I love USA Network online as they have full episodes of Burn Notice. I just started the series and I do have say it is FABULOUS!! and the fact that Bruce Campbell is in it (who I'm currently crushing on) is an extra added bonus.

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