Thursday, July 3, 2008


I do believe I will be putting in a full day at office. Apparently my boss knows not of the unspoken rule. Such is life.

Am trudging along on the Thuja, I don't know why I just don't have the groove for it yet.

Am going to listen to my gal Lishy and rip the FiL sweater and make something else with it. The yarn is too nice (ok, expensive) to go unworn.

Doubt I will get much knitting done tomorrow and that saddens me. Maybe I'll sneak some in before I head over to Chickies for the bbq. ;)

I am sleepy and am in need of a nap


Lost Lishy said...

Here's hoping you got out a little early. And that you get to do a little something for you tomorrow.

Have fun at the bbq! Better yet, take something with you to work on. Even if you don't get to work on it, you can still show off your WIP ;)

Sleeping Si said...

i finished the sock... now i just gotta get cracking on the second one!! =)