Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yes boys and girls, it's thank god it's Thursday!!
I am pleased it's Thursday for many reasons, such as, I am going to dinner tonight with Janey-Pooh, Margarita's at Chili's..woooo! Also, with today being Thursday, can only mean that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! the bestest day of the work week!
Saturday I have a BBQ to attend which means no knitting (they wouldn't understand, sad, but true) till Sunday, which is A-OK with me, as sweetie has promised to cook me dinner!! Yay! (am sure it's gonna turn into that episode of GG where Jackson cooks dinner for Sookie and she's all trying to get up in his cooking groove in the kitchen...will try to control myself)
Got a little bit done on my sweetie-man's socks (ha, ha, cause i'm doing the gentleman's sock, only i don't have the book, so i'm guessing at what the pattern is by the picture so i renamed it...really this sounded better in my head). Have cast on for Chickie's other baby cable sock, just haven't done anything with it since then. Oh well.
That's all I got my little jellybeans.

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