Monday, July 7, 2008


It's Monday my little monkey's! How was everyone's weekend?
I am sleepy and want to take a nap, however protocol suggests that being that I am at work I should be awake. BOOOO!!!

I have started on Wendy's SoS 2008 sock pattern. I am using Sundara's yarn in the Cherry Blossom colorway, which is just soooo pretty! So yay!

Am stealing a page from Crazy Aunt Purls book...

2008 Birthday Resolutions:


  • Budget - find one that works and stick to it
  • Debt - get out of it, somehow - this is where the budget comes in handy
  • General - stop spending (not that I have the extra cash to spend at the moment anyways...)money on stupid things and by stupid things I mean books...that's what library's are for. and stop buying stupid things... i don't know what the stupid things are, but i certainly have enough of them.
  • Ask for Help - (which if you know me, know this is easier said than done, esp. when it comes to money, I'm 32 I should have this under control by now right?) regarding the budget and money things, obviously, I don't know what I'm doing, if I did I wouldn't be writing this category.
  • Credit Card - PAY ON TIME!! it's hard because all the bills are due at the same time. I think the CC companies do this on purpose to drive you bonkers and make you feel like a horrid person with no control over anything.


  • Walk - for many reasons, mostly tho to whittle down the size of my ass, which is clearly unaware it's on a white girl, yes i went there, when sir mix a lot wrote baby got back, ya, he was talking about my ass.
  • Sit ups - i have no idea how many is a good amount, so i will start off with 15 regular crunches, 15 side things, and 15 leg lifty things... that's 45 total, a good amount to start off with.
  • Arms - they are getting flabby up top, have to do something about them now so that when i am later in years they aren't the size of my thighs. can you tone your arms with resistance bands?
  • Thighs - speaking of thighs, they are a smidge big. hopefully walking will help.
  • Parking - park far away from the enterance so i have to walk a ways to get to the store.


  • Fruits and Veg - try to eat more of them. make more stir frys and try new fruits and veg and eat more salad, it's the summer.
  • Sugar - try to eat as much of it as i have been. that means no cotton candy, no chocolate, no cake, once and while is ok and once and while does not mean once a week.
  • Fast Food - honestly, i don't eat that much fast food, although i do frequent Kelly's and other places like that, and even tho they are fast food, it's not McDonald's or BK or Taco get the idea.
  • Water - drink more of it.
  • Milk - will drink a glass a day, it's good for me.
  • Portion Control - learn it, use it...


  • Diet - i am on a yarn one and sock yarn counts as i have far too much of it (and no money to spend on more)
  • UFO - finish them, and if like the FiL sweater, it's something i will never finish, frog it and reuse the yarn from something that i (or someone) will get use out of.
  • Stash - organize it, although i don't know how one would do that.


  • 401(k) - deposit money into it, even if it's just $50.
  • Savings - start doing it, it's hard to do at the moment with the looming debt and all, but i really need start again.
  • Storage - sell some of the crap that is in there, less stuff = smalled storage unit = less storage rent. if i do manage to sell things, put the money into savings.


  • Mood - stop being so friggin cranky. (easier said than done, i'm sure). think positively, be calm and all that hippy crap :P
  • Moisturize - i was in a habit of doing that in the morning and at night, now i don't do it at all. must start up again so that when i older and have hot arms and smaller ass, i'm not all saggy and wrinkly.
  • Ex Hubby - make a conscience effort not to bring him (or his crazy family) up around sweetie, i don't do it often, but the times i do i'm sure are annoying.
  • Self - read more (yes it's possible). turn off the tv and listen to the radio. play a game of cards or something with sweeting once a week or so.

That's all I can think of. It's a long list, but do-able, as long as I make the effort. =)

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